New World Tortilla


new world

New World Tortilla

696 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 865-1058

163 Pearl Street
Essex Jct., VT 05452
(802) 879-7809

UVM Davis Center

I trust that all Burlingtonites, in addition to UVM students have at some point tried the “health food” inspired New World Tortilla. Burritos are without a doubt one of my favorite meals, and I am on a constant search for a new, awesome burrito (the search for good nachos is also a very big part of my life). I have eaten New World at all of their locations, though yesterday, while in the Davis Center I decided to get a burrito. For all non UVM students who do not know about the Davis Center, it is the Universities new student center, which since the 2007/08 school year has been open for business. I say open for business because that’s what the Davis Center seems like – an oversized, ridiculously designed, ugly, money making monstrosity, and monumental waste of the Universities funds.

After class, with little time to spare before my next class I decided to get a burrito from New World, a seemingly good choice. Walking up to the burrito “stand” or “counter” or whatever they want to call it, I was immediately perturbed to see the unnecessarily large line in front of me. New World is good, though not good enough to wait a half an hour for. [Note: The problem with the Davis center is that all of the food options are, quite frankly, bad. Combined with the fact that all food options require an undeservingly long wait, eating in the Davis Center is a very frustrating experience.] Not wanting to wait equally as long for a bad turkey sandwich, I swallowed my pride and waited in line for a New World burrito.

Finally arriving at the front of the line I ordered my “go to” New World choice, the Chicken Verz Cruz Burrito – fancy spanglish name, classic burrito taste. The Vera Cruz is a relatively simple, yet very tasty burrito. As the name suggests it contains chicken, in addition to “greens”, black beans, cheese, jalapeno slices, sour cream, and salsa. I ordered the burrito without greens. Vermont seems to be fond of what they refer to as “greens”. Greens are essentially a mixture of bad salad –similar to poorly placed salad garnishes seen under beds of fish – the stuff that nobody eats. Nevertheless, Vermonters love their “greens”, or as I call them “bad salad”. Moving on, I ordered my burrito without the salad, and it thankfully did not take too long to make. Very good burrito, indeed. The chicken is perfectly grilled, the black beans are just the right mixture of soup and bean, and the salsa combined with the jalapenos gives it an ideal kick. After devouring my burrito I quickly realized that it was not quite worth the close to $10 I paid for it. Considering the fact that I waited so long, I was glad to no longer be hungry, but unsatisfied with the time and money wasted. For $10 I could drive to Moe’s “South West Grill”, get a much larger, much more filling Homewrecker, with free chips, and a Dos Equis for around $10!

New World Tortilla is good, though relatively expensive. Recommended at all locations, other than the Davis Center.

New World Rating: 3-phones

Davis Center Rating:   1-phone2



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  1. Yes! Finally someone writes about furniture polish as seen on tv.

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