Update: Sky Burgers, Burlington, VT


A quick update… 

I tired Sky Burgers, again, and it was good, again (also, the restaurant is called Sky Burgers, not Sky Burger as I previously mentioned). This time around I went for the Papa Sky Burger—8 oz. of beefy goodness with cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, sautéed onions, and a side of fries. 

I was a little worried when the burger arrived considering my stomach was in a bit of a frail state following a night of celebrating my birthday, but I managed to get the Papa Burger down with no problem, for as you all know, grease cures hangovers.

Amidst eating I blacked out in a rage of hunger, though when I came to I had about half a burger left and was being subjected to a truly horrible cover of The Doors classic “Light My Fire” playing in the background. Realizing that it was my duty to provide an update, I slowed myself down and analyzed the situation. Fresh tasting beef, good veggies, good burger, that’s what Sky Burgers provides. They even have a wide array of goofy sides that you can order with your burger, like spicy chipotle mango relish, which my girlfriend tried and wasn’t half bad.

I can say, conclusively, that the Sky Burger Papa Burger is way better than what Nectar’s, KKD, and Vermont Pub and Brewery has to offer. The jury is still out on Rira.

My only knock on Sky Burgers is that the establishment itself is a little cheesy (the kitchen door says “Burger Lab” on it, for example), but that fact can be overlooked for alas, it is merely a burger joint.

Sky Burger has my recommendation. Go check it out.

One Response to “Update: Sky Burgers, Burlington, VT”

  1. 1 whats4lunch

    nice I haven’t eaten here yet.

    My top 3 burgers:

    1) VPB
    2) Rotisserie
    3) Sweet Water’s “Kobe” (waygu)

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