Welcome to The Food Insulter! I am an avid food lover poised to begin graduate school this coming fall (one whom is currently stuck at work, and desperatley needs to this blog as a sanity-preserving, creative outlet). The first 18 years of my life were spent Philadelphia, PA, a truly amazing place to have been brought up. Not only have I eaten my fair share of cheesesteaks (without a doubt the world’s best sandwich), though I have also dined with the best at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants (Le Bec Fin, and Morimoto to name a few). Through my experiences — the places I have traveled, and the places I have been lucky enough to call home–  I have gained a keen sight and taste for excellent cuisine. As I food lover I will be the first to praise something I have eaten, and be the first to ridicule it to hell.

So here you are! Sit back, read on, eat, drink, and enjoy the opinions of The Food Insulter.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 whats4lunch

    Have you tried the cheesesteak cart on Bank street in Burlington VT?

    • 2 thefoodinsulter

      The cheesesteak guys…hell yes. I try and hit them up every time I walk home from downtown. A good Philly conversation always ensues.

    • 3 thefoodinsulter

      Dude, I stumbled upon your blog a little while ago and meant to write you some sort of message, though through my sure laziness, never got around to it. Looks like we may be two of a kind in Burlington. I’ll have to check your blog out again.

  2. 4 Jon Dom

    have tried his cheesesteak too. I actually worked with the guy at a restaurant in Colchester. His cheessteaks are good, but too small for my belly at $6.

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